Reimagine Retention

Clear, actionable insights

Powerful analytics covering conversation and purchasing data that drives your customers to order faster and become more valuable.

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Clearer insights on the real drivers for your business.

Crystal clear analytics covering LTV, reorder rates, churn and many more. Build loyalty and relationships based on data.

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How does Blueprint transform your customer lifetime value?

In-Channel Purchasing
1:1 Support
Seamless Upsells


reduces with a seamless 1:1 support and purchasing experience for your customers.

Reorder Rate

increases when you remove all barriers to purchase your products.

Purchasing Velocity

speeds up when you start speaking to your customers in the same channel they can purchase in.

๐Ÿ’ฌ ย ย All-in-one Conversational Commerce

Key features

Customer Lifetime Value
Reorder Rate
Reorder Frequency
Churn Rate

Why is the future
all about retention?

Retention is the new acquisition. Modern brands are built on the foundations of long-term customer relationships and retention. Blueprint focuses on removing all friction points that lead to customer churn, building retention into every step of the customer journey and empowering brands to create a 1:1 relationship with every customer.

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Explore the future of commerce

1:1 connections, seamless purchasing, and deep retention analytics are driving the next stage of eCommerce.

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