September 1st 2020

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Conference Lineup

Damian Soong

Founder & CEO, Form Nutrition

10am BST

Jesse Horwitz

Co-founder & CEO, Hubble Contacts

3pm BST

10am EDT

Harvey Hodd

Founder & CEO, Blueprint

4:30pm BST

11:30am EDT

Future Commerce

Listen to us speak live with Hugh Thomas, CEO - Ugly Drinks

6pm BST

1pm EDT

Moiz Ali

Founder & CEO, Native

8pm BST

3pm EDT

Jess Hatzis

Founder & CMO, Frank Body

12am BST

7pm EDT

The Agenda

8am BST

Product Hunt Launch
The full breakdown of Blueprint.

Live Podcast (10am BST)

Damian Soong - Founder & CEO, Form Nutrition:
How to set a mission and put it at the core of the business

Live Podcast (3pm BST - 10am EDT)

Jesse Horwitz - Co-founder & CEO, Hubble Contacts
Raising $74m to build a DTC Empire

Live Webinar (4.30pm BST - 11.30am EDT)

Harvey Hodd - Co-founder & CEO, Blueprint
Why we built Blueprint, what it can do, and what does the future look like

Live Podcast (8pm BST - 3pm EDT)

Moiz Ali - Founder & CEO, Native
From zero to exit: How Native grew to $100m in 2 years

Live Podcast (12am BST - 7pm EDT)

Jess Hatzis - Founder & CMO, Frank Body
How to build a global skincare brand with a cult following

What will you learn?

How Blueprint is enabling brands to sell inside SMS and WhatsApp
How to build an eCommerce brand to an acquisition in 2 years
How to scale your eCommerce brand across multiple territories
How to break apart and optimise your DTC content strategy

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