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Form Nutrition ūüĆĪ Damian Soong on disrupting the performance nutrition industry

Damian Soong

CEO, Co-founder at Form

Harvey Hodd

Host & CEO of Blueprint

This episode of the Blueprint Work In Progress Podcast was recorded at our Transform Commerce 2020 event.

Today we’re joined by Damian who discusses how Form shook up fitness and nutrition with their plant based protein products. He first explains how their retail strategy served as a key marketing and customer acquisition play for their DTC website [6:39]. We then take a look at how a holistic approach to content can offer customers value whilst establishing authority and trust in a brand [13:28], before considering the importance of product and brand in customer retention [16:13].

As a B-Corp, Form places a high value on their social mission. Damian tells us through how this sense of purpose has been baked into the company’s DNA from the beginning, and highlights their work supporting the Bansang Hospital in Gambia [17:40]. We wrap up our chat by considering the future of Form [25:16] and a short Q&A [31:36].