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Dripkit ☕️ Ilana Kruger on scaling a challenger coffee brand through partnerships

Ilana Kruger

Founder & CEO of Dripkit

Harvey Hodd

Host & CEO of Blueprint

Ilana joins us on the podcast to discuss the development of Dripkit - an innovative coffee brewer selling single serve on-the-go drip coffee. We first explore the inspiration behind Dripkit [3:29] and its early product development phase [4:31]. Ilana then details how the brand successfully launched with the help of a Kickstarter campaign [8:22], valuable partnerships with Verve and Stumptown [14:34] and a savvy PR strategy [20:52].

We reveal the impact of Dripkit’s efforts to supply key workers with free coffee during the early days of the pandemic, and Ilana’s subsequent appearance on the Today Show [23:27]. Our chat is rounded off with a discussion of the brand’s retention strategy [29:10], long-term sources of growth [33:55] and future plans to make their product 100% compostable [35:40].