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Huron šŸ§¼ Matt Mullenax on launching a male skincare brand in a female dominated industry

Matt Mullenax

Founder & CEO, Huron

Harvey Hodd

Host &Ā CEOĀ of Blueprint

This week Huronā€™s Matt Mullenax tells us how he challenged the female dominated skincare industry with premium but affordable bathroom alternatives for men. Matt explains how personal experience of poor skin health led him to create a brand that provides consistent value and an empathetic service to its customers [8:35]. He is an evangelist for a test and learn approach, which saw him create a fake product designed to assess demand for what would become Huron [10:50].Ā 

We also discuss how the brand went about building an initial audience [18:16] and its smart use of content to educate customers [19:22]. Matt then goes on to share Huronā€™s strategies around acquisition [22:00], retention [26:42] and future expansion [29:23], before giving us his #1 learning from his years in business [32:30].Ā Ā