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Maude ūüėČ How to build a DTC company in an industry that hasn't changed in 100 years

Eva Goicochea

CEO and founder of Maude

Harvey Hodd

Host & CEO of Blueprint

Today, we're chatting with Eva who tells us about how she started building her business before she even had a product. She tells us about how important it's been for her business to grow through word of mouth and PR [12:00] and how building relationships pre-launch has been a critical element in her success. [17:00] ‚Äć

She goes on to talk about her strategy around content and how every piece of content she creates comes from a customer pain point [20:00] She tells us about how listening to your customer is key to build a successful business and how she overcame the stigma of sexual wellness by putting her products in their context using an IRL store and by collaborating with other brands [21:25] Finally, Eva share her thought on building a brand that matter. [37:21]