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Nik Sharma ūüĎč How to navigate the DTC world as a modern brand

Nik Sharma

Founder of Sharma Brands

Harvey Hodd

Host & CEO of Blueprint

In today's episode with Nik Sharma, we touch on the current state of DTC [11:00], and the impact of legacy brands like Pepsi are drifting from a retail-only strategy and developing their own DTC channels [17:20]. We then dive into the different kind of media strategies a brand can build with, covering earned, owned and paid media, and how to navigate all 3 without a dependency on any one channel [20:35].

Nik then goes on to talk about SMS and Conversational Commerce when building a brand, and how he sees this channel evolving in the future. He also expands with some best-in-class brands and their SMS strategy [24:18]. We finish the episode with Nik breaking down how he would start a brand today and how he thinks about each stage of brand, acquisition, manufacturing and distribution [36:25].