Simple tactics to monetise your SMS audience

Whilst owning an SMS audience is great, here’s how to build one that converts

Robi O'Cleirigh
Content Manager @ Blueprint

Building an SMS audience is a high leverage play for DTC brands that improves both CX and community engagement. But you’re not just doing it to make friends - ultimately you need to see ROI. 

Last year skincare brand PeaceOut experimented with SMS for three months and made $150,000 in revenue. Cosmetics outlet Kopari did the same and now attribute 14% of company-wide income to the channel. 

Here’s how they turned 200 character messages into eCom gold:  


When was the last time you bought something you didn’t care about? I’d guess literally never. That’s because people don’t want what’s not relevant to them. It’s why we ignore most bulk sent emails in our inbox. 

But if you as a DTC brand, use your knowledge of your customer base to deliver timely, personalised messaging, your marketing goes from being background noise to top of mind. 

Imagine you’re selling ground coffee, for example. You know 25% of your customers prefer a dark roast blend, and that individuals take approx 20 days to get through a bag. You also know what time of day people tend to drink coffee. 

If a person in that audience segment receives a reorder prompt for your dark roast flavour on a Tuesday morning, 17 days after their most recent purchase, there’s a far higher chance of them being interested.

Frictionless payment 

Let’s imagine that having read your timely message your customer wants to replenish their supply. Now it’s your job to make it as easy as possible for them to give you some cash. 

They’ve already decided what they want - so sending out a generic link to your online Shopify store via SMS to search for their purchase creates barriers and drop off.

To really monetise your text-based marketing, ordering should be a one-click process. That means sending a specific link which takes the customer to a bespoke checkout prefilled with their payment and shipping details: 


With that basic purchasing journey in place you can monetise SMS further by executing specific strategies - such as monthly product drops, promotional offers, or upselling related products. 

Again, these need to be highly relevant to the individual. Your dark roast coffee drinker is not going to go for a light blend, however discounted it might be. But they might be up for trying your decaf dark blend in the evenings, if that was communicated in a well timed text. 

In all cases, sending bespoke, personalised messages which align your brand with the interests of your customer offers the best chance of converting via SMS:

Check out how to monetise SMS for your eCom brand with this 3-min breakdown: 

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