Useful (easy) ways to use SMS to grow your brand

Using SMS as part of your brand strategy is on every eCommerce brand owners lips. The channel offers an unrivalled, intimate conversation with your customers at scale and opens a whole new window of possibilities. Trying to navigate where to place your resources within SMS as a young brand can be daunting, so we've brought together 3 easy wins to make that first step.

1. SMS in-channel purchasing.  

Traditionally in eCommerce, making a repeat purchase is full of friction. Brands rely on consumers to go back to their website homepage, go through their shopping experience again and check out all over again. All of the friction that a user experiences the first time around when purchasing an item, is re-surfaced at the second purchase stage (and every subsequent purchase for that matter).

Texting enables your customers to purchase just by messaging. It’s completely frictionless and only takes as long as it takes you to text “Can I get another Coldbrew 6-pack?”. From there, customers receive their order and never have to think about the antiquated log-ins and website visits again.

Reducing friction in the buyer journey will impact your entire funnel - but most specifically your retention. By enabling the easiest re-purchasing journey, customer churn decreases as the cost of friction to leave is too great and loyalty skyrockets.  

2. SMS Content and Storytelling

Daily and weekly newsletters have in many ways replaced traditional newspaper journalism. We subscribe to the New York Times daily, the Quartz daily updates and many more because the content is thorough enough to keep us up to speed with culture, and sufficiently succinct to consume daily.

Texting is used as an even faster channel than email to consume insights. Brands are using SMS as micro-learning and micro-task tools. For example, Equal Parts are texting their customers simple cooking recipes and ideas, and Judy are sending bitesize SMS “readiness” courses so you’re prepared for an emergency.

Email is becoming a notoriously difficult channel to connect and communicate with customers on, which is why SMS has seen such rapid adoption from both brands and customers. SMS also leaves little to no room for non-essential elements of communication; without shiny headers carefully designed hero images and CTAs - a text instantly provides value to the customer.

3. Immediate feedback loop.

One of the key differentiators of SMS vs a channel like email is the immediacy of interaction. 90% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of sending, meaning it’s an unrivalled channel for brands and services to speak directly, 1:1, with their audience. By leaning into this attribute, SMS provides a great opportunity for brands to close the usually slow and antiquated feedback loop they have with their customers on email.

By creating automated message flows based on customer actions (like 7-days post order), SMS enables brands to build immediate customer feedback on various different aspects from product, experience and brand. By increasing the speed of feedback, brands can use this data to iterate on product and marketing far quicker than their competitors constantly evolve. Immediate 1:1 conversation and feedback from customers not only builds brand trust, but can be a long-term competitive advantage for the brand itself.

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