3-Message SMS Abandoned Cart Flow.

3-Message SMS Abandoned Cart Flow.

Use SMS abandoned carts to drive up to 30x more revenue than email flows with a 1:1 and personalised customer experience.

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Blueprint made it easy for us to drive our recovery rate up by 32x, while at the same time enabling a super personal and 1:1 channel for our customer relationships to grow.

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How to set up


Head to the Blueprint dashboard

Access the Abandoned Carts section


Toggle message 1, 2 and 3 on

We recommend using the timeframes of 1 hour (Message 1), 24 hours (Message 2), and 3-days (Message 3).


Input your desired wording into each message

We recommend these templates:

Message 1: {brand_name}: Hey {first_name} 👋(Team member/Founder name) here! I saw you're struggling at checkout - need a hand? Just reply back or we've got your order ready to confirm here 👉 {link_to_checkout}

Message 2: {brand_name}: Hi 👋 Tick-tock...your basket is waiting for you ⏳ - click below to complete. PS: (Add selling point here) {link_to_checkout}

Message 3: {brand_name}: Just us again 👋 Fine - you've got us! Use-code (Discount code) for X off your first order! Still have some Q's? Just reply back to this message. If not - your order is loaded ready for you to confirm 📦 {link_to_checkout}


Click 'Save Changes'

These messages will be saved and abandoned cart flows will be automatically be sent out when a customer entered their number somewhere in the checkout field and opted into marketing.


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