Recover 30% more abandoned carts with SMS.

Recover 30% more abandoned carts with SMS.

Use SMS abandoned carts to drive up to 30x more revenue than email flows with a 1:1 and personalized customer experience.

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Blueprint made it easy for Days to drive our recovery rate up by 32x, while at the same time enabling a super personal and 1:1 channel for our customer relationships to grow.

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Days Brewing

Link in with your email flows

Use Blueprint's SMS Abandoned Cart flows in tandem with your current email flows to drive a great customer experience and recover more lost sales.

Get 98% open rates

Up to 98% SMS messages are opened, with over 90% being read within 3-minutes of receiving. Use this opportunity to speak with your customer base directly and guide them towards purchase.

Drive 1:1 conversation

Unlike email, your customers can reply back to your SMS Abandoned Cart messages with questions or help required to complete their order. Use this conversation to build brand equity, increase the customer experience, and drive more sales.






Transforming eCommerce.

Unlock the mobile future of eCommerce with Blueprint.

Traditional eCommerce

Slow email support 📧

No 1:1 communication 🤷‍♀️

Lack of community 🧲

Little focus on retention ♻️

Rigid purchasing 💳

Mobile eCommerce

1:1 communication everywhere 💬

Pre, during, or post-order
Any channel

Focus on retention ♻️

Upselling & cross-selling

Seamless checkout experience 💳

Optimized for mobile

Mobile audiences 👋

SMS increases abandoned cart recovery. Try Blueprint for free today.

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