Automate message flows at scale with SMS.

Automate message flows at scale with SMS.

Build a holistic customer experience by automating messages like order fulfilment, post-order check-ins, feedback messages and reorder-prompts in one customisable flow.

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Personalize using historical data

Blueprint draws customer order data directly from your Shopify store, allowing you to build highly relevant automated flows with specific data like names, order numbers, dispatch companies, and previous order.

Set custom time frames

Each message within your automated flow can be sent at a specific intervals to align with your customers journey. This custom journey enables your customers to receive personalized and highly relevant information at the right time, in the right channel.

Prompt reorders to drive revenue

Blueprint's solution embeds previously purchased products into messages to drive repeat revenue via reorders. Our 1-click ordering functionality enables frictionless purchase by directing customers to a pre-filled checkout.






Transforming eCommerce.

Unlock the mobile future of eCommerce with Blueprint.

Traditional eCommerce

Slow email support 📧

No 1:1 communication 🤷‍♂️

Lack of community 🧲

Little focus on retention ♻️

Rigid purchasing model 💳

Mobile eCommerce

1:1 communication everywhere 💬

Pre, during and post order
Any channel

Focus on retention ♻️

Upselling & cross-selling

Seamless checkout experience 💳

Optimized for mobile

Mobile audiences 👋

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