Build superfans with feedback messages.

Build superfans with feedback messages.

Engage 'superfans' of your brand with an SMS feedback message sent post order, enabling customers to reply back or leave a review instantly.

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"You can read all the high level reports you want, but nothing beats actually having a conversation with and learning from the consumer."

Duncan Keith



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How to set up


Head to the Blueprint dashboard

Click the Automated Messaging section.


Scroll down to the "Post order check-in" message and toggle on

This message will be sent based on a timeframe after an order is placed, so we recommend leaving enough time to allow for shipment and usage of your product. Typically this is between 5-10 days depending on your shipment timeframe.


Write your message in the window.

We recommend this template:

Hey {first_name} 👋 ({brand_name} {Team member} here! Just wanted to check everything was ok with your order?! We would love to hear what you thought - let me know by replying back 💬


Wait for the customer to reply

For every customer that responds, a notification will appear in your Blueprint dashboard to alert your team.


Top tip 💡

We also recommend including a review link in your reply to a responsive customer - ie. when intent is really high and you've built brand equity with your initial conversation.

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