Up-sell with pre-filled checkout links.

Up-sell with pre-filled checkout links.

Drop products from your eCommerce store directly into a conversation to drive revenue. If a customer has ordered from your store before, their details will be saved and pre-loaded at checkout.

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How to set up


Head to the Blueprint dashboard

Access the Messaging section.


Open a customer conversation

Click the Add Products button located under the Create Checkout Link title.


Select a product(s) from your eCommerce store inventory

You can choose any amount of products and variants. One checkout link will be sent, populated with all the products you have chosen.


Click 'Add Link'

This will then attach a checkout link to your message for you to then send to your customer.


A link pre-populated with your chosen products is sent to the customer

The link will also be pre-populated with that customer's shipping details if they have ordered from your store before. If they have ordered from Shop Pay before, they will head immediately to a pre-verified Shop Pay link for a 1-click purchase.

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