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We’re the conversational CRM transforming the future of eCommerce one text message at a time

Here’s the inside scoop - when we were eCommerce brand operators building Matcha Works, we sucked at retaining customers. That is until we started texting them from a crummy burner phone, and the rest is history.

Logo of Dash Water, a real-fruit infused sparkling water brand.
Logo of Daring Foods, makers of 100% plant-based chicken.
Logo of Rise Brewing Co, who make nitro cold brew coffee, tea, and oat milk.
Logo of Misfits, makers of innovative protein products using only natural ingredients, including protein bars and protein powders.
Logo of Sound, makers of unsweetened, organic sparkling waters made with tea & botanicals.
Logo of GHIA, a spirits-free apéritif adapted for modern times.
Logo for Shopify, The number one eCommerce platform.
A text chat between co-founders Harvey Hodd and Rory Jeffries showing when the idea for Blueprint was sprung.
It all started with some tea leaves
A pair of hands holding a can of Matcha Works green tea and a handful of green tea powder. Matcha Works was the previous company started by the co-founders of Blueprint.
Our co-founders, Rory & Harvey
Co-founders Harvey Hodd and Rory Jeffries sitting next to each other.

Real conversations get real results

The days when you could give $1 to Facebook and expect $10 back in revenue are long gone. Today, retention can make or break an eCommerce store. We’re helping the world’s best eCommerce brands build personalised customer relationships and repeat purchases through two-way conversations with their audience.

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Additional revenue generated for Shopify stores to date, all thanks to these amazing people...

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