Build, own, and monetize mobile audiences.

Every brand and creator in the future will have a mobile audience that they speak to, engage with, and build their business on. It’s our mission to create the infrastructure to make it easy for brands and creators to build, own, and monetize that audience.

Our values

Trust and Respect

We believe that without trust and
respect for your teammates, you’ll
never reach your potential in your
personal ambitions, the work you’re
creating, and the goal you’re fighting to achieve.

Trust and respect enable us to be vulnerable, honest and transparent and as a result grow as both a collective and individual.


Everything we do is rooted in speed.
We take action over planning everyday. At times this may lead to certain things breaking, but continual momentum will give us the learnings to fix these elements faster than people that are still planning.

Once you have momentum, it’s incredibly hard to stop it.This isn’t just in the work we’re creating, but flows through all aspects of our business. Everything is based on an overriding “always in beta” mentality to be
agile, fast and decisive.

Accountability and Consistency

By hiring with a focus for both accountability and consistency, we enable agency and room for our team to grow and express their talents without restrictions or micromanagement.

It’s a process where we need to show-up everyday and work together brick-by-brick. We believe in the kaizen principle and the compounding effect of small and
consistent progression.

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