Flexible Subscriptions

Subscription churn costs you 29% of annual revenue

Plug the leak with flexible subscription management via SMS and WhatsApp.

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How we get it done

Slash customer churn

Reduce subscription cancellations with flexible order management via text messages.

Recover churned subscribers

Win-back lost subscriber cohorts with smart message segmentation and direct customer feedback.

Scale your subscriber base

Identify and upsell single order customers to subscription.

A more flexible, personalized way to do subscriptions

Why Blueprint

Enable customers to seamlessly skip upcoming orders through ReCharge and Bold Subscriptions.

Build sticky subscribers by collecting and iterating on customer feedback via two-way conversational messages.

Deep-link with your existing Shopify customer profiles to personalise your messaging.

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A grid of the apps that Blueprint integrates with, including Shopify, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Zendesk, Zapier, Gorgias, Bold, and Smartrr.

SMS and WhatsApp marketing integrations for Shopify stores

We're not here to change the way you work. Blueprint fits seamlessly into your existing eCommerce tech stack with easy, no-code integrations.

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Other problems we solve

Plans & pricing

With our free messaging allowance with every plan, supercharging your eCommerce retention has never been easier.

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Don't just take our word for it

"We've been looking for a text message solution since we started Rise, and Blueprint is by far the easiest, most efficient, consumer and company friendly platform we've ever seen."

Jarrett McGovern
Co-Founder & CCO, RISE Brewing Co.
"As a subscription business, building strong relationships with customers to keep churn rate low is a key focus. Blueprint has been a game changer for us in this regard."
Ryan Black, Co-founder of Buddy Bites profile photo.
Ryan Black
Buddy Bites
"The numbers don't lie; it's certainly boosted our business."
Jarrett McGovern, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of RISE Brewing Co profile photo.
Jarrett McGovern
Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer
RISE Brewing Co.

Build game-changing eCommerce CX & retention with SMS marketing today

Connect to your
Shopify store logo
store in 2 mins
Messaging cost included