SMS marketing software for Shopify

Revolutionizing eCommerce CX & retention with two-way text message marketing via SMS.

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Using SMS marketing software for eCommerce CX & retention

Blueprint seamlessly links to your Shopify store in 2-mins with a no-code integration.

Chat directly with your audience at scale with two-way SMS messaging.

Build intimate relationships with your customers with multi-touch text message marketing that drives loyalty and LTV.

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SMS marketing for subscription management

Give your customer control over their subscriptions with flexible order edit and skip functionality via SMS.

Two-way SMS for eCommerce CX

Build personal relationships with your audience and solve CX issues quickly with two-way text messages.

Text message marketing for intelligent reorders

Keep customers coming back with customized cross-sell and replenishment SMS flows based on your historic Shopify data.

A phone with a two-way SMS conversation being demonstrated with a one-click pre-filled cart link.

SMS marketing software for Shopify stores

Blueprint's all-in-one SMS marketing feature set seamlessly drives eCommerce CX, retention and revenue via subscription management, intelligent reorders and two-way chat for Shopify brands.

Unique phone number

Two-way conversational inbox

Integration to Shopify

ReCharge subscription integration

Group campaigns

Automated message flows

Abandoned carts

Customer analytics

Email support

Text message marketing for eCommerce

Reduce subscription churn, increase reorder rates and build sticky customers with two-way chat.

Two-way SMS marketing inbox

Build intimate customer relationships at scale with two-way SMS marketing via Blueprint's conversational inbox. Collect qualitative feedback, provide pre and post order CX support, and drag and drop personalized checkout links from your Shopify inventory directly into the message window. Every chat is linked to customer data synced from your Shopify store, so you know exactly who you’re speaking to and what they’ve purchased previously.

Automated SMS marketing flows

Effortlessly drive retention with our fully customizable and intelligently timed automated text message marketing flows. Blueprint number crunches your historic Shopify data to suggest the right cross-sell and replenishment messages to send to your audience at the right time. All customer replies appear in your Gorgias or Zendesk dashboard enabling easy follow up.

SMS subscription management for Shopify

Give your customers ownership over their subscription service. Our solution integrates with top subscription tools including Recharge, Bold Subscriptions and Smartrr to allow a brand’s subscribers to skip or edit upcoming orders seamlessly via text message. Subscription customers can also message their favourite merchants one-to-one to resolve CX issues or provide feedback.

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns

Increase conversion 12% on new product drops with bulk SMS marketing. Segment your audience based on Shopify purchasing data and send personalized, pre-populated checkout links to your audience at scale to drive campaign revenue.

SMS marketing insights for eCommerce

Stop guessing what your customers think and start asking. With Blueprint you can collect 150% more customer feedback with automated SMS prompts than similar email flows. Use feedback on product usage, flavour preference and buying motivation to improve your offering and drive retention.

SMS abandoned carts

Leverage the 90% open rates of SMS to recover revenue through timely abandoned cart flow messages. Personalized checkout links return customers to where they were in the payment process, whilst our two-way SMS chat functionality enables you to rapidly solve problems and overcome purchasing objections.

A grid of the apps that Blueprint integrates with, including Shopify, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Zendesk, Zapier, Gorgias, Bold, and Smartrr.

SMS and WhatsApp marketing integrations for Shopify stores

We're not here to change the way you work. Blueprint fits seamlessly into your existing eCommerce tech stack with easy, no-code integrations.

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With our free messaging allowance with every plan, supercharging your eCommerce retention has never been easier.

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‚ÄúBlueprint is changing the game for abandoned cart flows in eCommerce, and definitely outperforms traditional abandoned email workflows.‚ÄĚ

Duncan Keith
Co-Founder, Days Brewing
‚ÄúOur level of engagement with customers has gone through the roof!‚ÄĚ
Brendan Bennett, Co-Founder of Two Days Drinks profile photo.
Brendan Bennett
Two Days Drinks
‚Äú11/10 would recommend. Blueprint has opened up a whole new dialogue for us with our customers.‚ÄĚ
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Annie Mitchell
Bottleshot Coffee

Build game-changing eCommerce CX & retention with SMS marketing today

Connect to your
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store in 2 mins
Messaging cost included