SMS Marketing Starter Pack

SMS marketing might just be the best kept secret in eCommerce. With open rates of 90%+ and reply rates 8x those of email, text messages represent a huge opportunity for brands to build relationships with customers and increase retention. Yet despite this, 65% of eCommerce stores do not have a formal SMS strategy in place.

To help brands effectively build eCommerce retention via SMS, we’ve built this exclusive SMS marketing starter pack. We breakdown 15 text message templates proven to increase LTV, case study examples of how top brands are using SMS, as well as a guide to integrating SMS with your existing email flows and top tips on creating content for the channel.

SMS Marketing Starter Pack

15 text message templates proven to increase eCommerce retention. Start supercharging LTV today👇

In this report you will find...

15 text message templates

Start turning first orders into repeat purchases with SMS using these 15 actionable text message templates. Get inspired with real world examples of how the top brands are using SMS to increase retention.

How to integrate SMS and email flows

Every brand uses email to speak to their customers, and it’s not going away any time soon. Find out how to integrate SMS into your existing marketing stack and which of your current email touchpoints will work better as a text message.

Top tips to creating content for SMS

Getting to most out of SMS is not simply a case of regurgitating existing email copy. Get a crash course in creating content specifically for the channel, and turn your text messages into powerful retention plays.