What to expect...

Expert insight on turning single orders into repeat purchases

Interactive strategy teardown for supercharging retention

Crash course in measuring LTV metrics 

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Our panelists

Eli Weiss
Director of CX & Retention
√Čva Goicochea
Founder & CEO
Hamid Saify
VP eCommerce
Liquid Death
Bryony MacLaren
Head of Retention
Harvey Hodd
Co-Founder & CEO

Demystifying eCommerce retention for modern DTC brands

Intense online competition and spiralling acquisition costs mean that many direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are now winning new customers at low margins, or even a loss. In this environment, long-term profitability depends on a store’s ability to turn single orders into repeat purchases.


And to do that, they must up their retention game. The question is - how?

Whilst many within eCommerce acknowledge the importance of retention, there is a lack of clarity around how to really move the LTV needle. That's why we've brought together an all-star cast of DTC operators from across marketing, CX and the founder community to get to the heart of what it means to retain customers online. We'll breakdown the most effective short and long-term strategies brands can use to drive multiple purchases, the key leading and lagging indicators they should be using to measure LTV, and top tips on delivering retention initiatives across multiple business functions.