How to supercharge SMS abandoned carts

80% of customers abandon their cart at checkout. By following a clear structure of personalisation, relevancy, and timeliness in your SMS abandoned cart strategy you can win those customers back.

1.) Personalise ✍️

Personalised SMS abandoned carts receive on average a 19% better conversion than a blanket message. By personalising each message to the customers name and also to the agents name (or persona of the brand), you break through the clutter and noise of the traditionally faceless email abandoned cart and stand out to the end consumer. This communicates to a customer that you care about their experience, that you’re doing everything you can to help, and that they’re talking to a human and not a robot. 

2.) Relevancy 🔍

Relevancy in messaging (much like personalisation) communicates to a customer that you’re speaking directly to them and care about their own experience on your site. Traditionally, no relevant data points like product in cart or shipping information were drawn and utilised in abandoned cart messaging, which leads to a poorly converting generic experience. 

By specifying to the customer the exact product that they’ve abandoned, it enables the agent to create custom shipping or discount options to win back that sale that are hyper relevant to that specific product or range. 

3.) Timeliness

An SMS abandoned cart message should be seen as a strategy or continued flow vs a one-shot-kill opportunity. A customer that has just abandoned their cart is warmest and most susceptible to direction or engagement back to complete their purchase. However, that same customer will go through different psychological stages after abandoning their cart and therefore should be communicated to in different ways to reflect that and not a blast all at once. 

This could look like a message 30 mins directly after their abandoned cart, followed by a message 24 hours later, and then a slightly different approach on 72 hours post abandoned cart. With this approach you speak to the potential customer at different intervals to drive as much direction to your checkout whilst the lead is still warm. 

4.) Don’t sell, support 👋

There are many reasons why a customer may abandon their cart mid-purchase. Generally this revolves around the price, the available shipping methods, or payment options. By force-selling directly to a customer in your first SMS abandoned cart message, you close the doors to many of the other reasons that could have caused their abandonment. 

1:1 communication and a personal touch with that customer to see if there were any issues or questions they had for your team can go a long way in figuring out not only how to solve the problem, but also guide towards purchase. Additionally to this, you enable a tight feedback loop to update and adjust based on their experience and optimise for your next customers coming through your flow.

Check out how you can leverage SMS for your brand with this 3-min breakdown:

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