The 3 most important parts of your SMS retention strategy for your beauty and wellness brand

When a customer purchases your product for the first time, it should be viewed as the starting point of a long-term relationship vs the finish line. This is an even more important mindset when you’re selling a high velocity, replenish-able product that is purchased multiple times.

To build this strategy, you have to address two of the key points that lead to customer churn post purchase - focusing on poor customer experience and cumbersome purchasing options. 

1.) 1:1 feedback post-purchase 💬

Your request for feedback straight after an order is one of the best opportunities to start to build brand equity and trust. 

However, traditional asynchronous email feedback doesn’t cut it for modern consumers. It’s impersonal, slow and disconnected from other areas of the purchasing journey and shows a lack of care for their feedback. 

By removing that faceless email CTA with a 1:1 message directly to a customer via SMS or WhatsApp checking in and seeing how things went, you start to build a far more personal 1:1 relationship that extends far beyond just a product purchase. Engaging directly, listening to feedback, and showing that their views are taken on board communicates that their experience is at the top of your priorities. 

Top tip: Create a customer support persona and name that follows your brand image or tone of voice to build long term trust. This breaks down the walls of transactional based emails and builds a more personal relationship with your customers. 

2.) Seamless purchasing experience 💳

One of the other key elements to create a long term relationship with your customers is the ease of purchasing your product. As a merchant your focus should be on reducing every friction point to purchase as possible - as every step has a direct correlation to churn or poor customer experience. 

Tired traditional checkout processes that involve multiple pages, account creations, or rigid subscriptions don’t reflect the seamless purchasing experience that modern consumers are demanding. 

Blueprint links purchasing and conversation seamlessly inside SMS or WhatsApp, enabling customers to purchase your products as easy as “Hey, can I have some more?”. Our natural language processing bot confirms the order instantly and sends it straight to your distribution to take any weight off your team. 

By removing multiple webpages, logins and checkout forms with a simple conversation, the customer experience to purchase your wellness products is incredibly fast and simple - which links directly to increased LTV, AOV and purchasing frequency metrics. 

Top Tip: Use this same 1:1 channel to drop new products or send relevant product offers that customers can simply reply back to purchase. No more email CTA’s. 

3.) Accompanying product content 📸

Brand and product story-telling should be at the forefront of your retention strategy. Once a customer has purchased your product, it opens up an opportunity to tell a rich and useful story to get more from the product, build deep brand equity, and focus on creating a long-term bond. 

Conventionally, blanket emails that cover your entire audiences have been the go-to. This solution removes any focus on creating relevant and useful content for specific cohorts that may have taken different paths to get to you, purchased different products or are after different experiences. When your entire audience receives the same bland email email content it communicates a lack of care that invariably reflects badly on the product purchase. 

By segmenting audiences and creating hyper relevant and engaging 1:1 content via SMS or WhatsApp you create an experience that leads to better usage of the product and increased brand equity pull that invariably heads towards increased purchasing. 

For a wellness supplement brand, this could look like content explaining how the product is made on the day of delivery, mini video segments with experts explaining how they use it a few days after the first use, and tips and tricks of how to fit the product into a busy lifestyle. 

Top tip: Create a product content series that is released in mini-segments that focus on separate points. By doing this you engage a customer the entire way through your series vs sporadic content pieces that don’t connect together. 

Check out how you can leverage SMS for your brand with this 3-min breakdown:

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