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Turn single orders into repeat purchases by building intimate, long-term relationships with your customers via SMS.

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The problem

We get it. Increasing LTV is really tough.

No idea how to make customers buy again? Me neither. In my years operating DTC brands, turning first orders into second and third purchases was incredibly hard. That is, until I started having conversations. And not just any conversations. I’m talking personalized, spam-free, long-term relationship building dialogue with customers that drives retention at scale. Don’t believe me? Give Blueprint a try and see for yourself.

Harvey Hodd
CEO & Co-Founder
The Blueprint solution

Personalized customer relationships at scale.

Build long-term customer loyalty through
one-to-one conversations via SMS & WhatsApp.

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“You can read all the reporting metrics you want - nothing beats actually having a conversation with the customer.”
Duncan Keith
Days Brewing

Customers who come back for more.

Drive repeat purchases with automated
abandoned cart flows, reorder prompts and
upsells sent via text message.

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“Blueprint is changing the game for abandoned cart flows in eCommerce, and definitely outperforms traditional abandoned email workflows.”
Josh Brockman
eCommerce Manager
Misfits Health

Build deep customer understanding.

Blueprint links to your Shopify store in 2 mins enabling insights into LTV, churn and reorder metrics for individual buyers.

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How it works

Connect to your
store in 2 mins.

Blueprint seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store when you sign up.

Bespoke customer onboarding.

Be guided through your journey with Blueprint by a named customer support representative.

Chat with your audience.

Build retention and repeat purchases with Blueprint's all-in-one feature set.

The world's best DTC brands use Blueprint to power their retention at scale.


Integrations built
for eCommerce.

We make it easy to bring personalized conversational marketing to your existing eCommerce tech stack. Quickly connect to 50+ of your favorite pieces of software.

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