Build retention with conversations.

Build retention with conversations.

Authentic 2-way conversations across the entire buying journey drive deeper, more lucrative relationships with customers.

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"You can read all the high level reports you want, but nothing beats actually having a conversation with and learning from the consumer."

Duncan Keith



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Personalized customer relationships

72% of customers will only respond to personalized messages from brands. Use Blueprint's 1:1 SMS chat to build intimate, revenue-driving relationships with your audience.

Build one-to-one feedback

Engaging customers individually means up to 40% of recipients reply directly to your messages. These responses contain invaluable feedback on your brand that can be incorporated into future product development and operations.

Immediate one-to-one customer support

Make slow email chains a thing of the past by offering fast, convenient customer support via SMS. Resolving customer queries quickly delivers a great experience and drives revenue by removing potential barriers to purchase.






Transforming eCommerce.

Unlock the mobile future of eCommerce with Blueprint.

Traditional eCommerce

Slow email support 📧

No 1:1 communication 🤷‍♂️

Lack of community 🧲

Little focus on retention ♻️

Rigid purchasing 💳

Mobile eCommerce

1:1 communication everywhere 💬

Pre, during and post order
Any channel

Focus on retention ♻️

Upselling & cross-selling

Seamless checkout experience 💳

Optimized for mobile

Mobile audiences 👋

Chat one-to-one with customers at scale. Try Blueprint for free today.

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