Build VIP community pre-launch.

Build VIP community pre-launch.

Communities are built even before your product launches. Use Blueprint to build 1:1 connection to those VIP subscribers ahead of launch with your landing page.

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How to set up


Add a custom Blueprint click-to-SMS link to your site

This will enable customers to click on mobile and be directed straight to a pre-loaded conversation on SMS allowing them to subscribe and chat to your brand. Email us to get your SMS link.


Each click-to-SMS link includes a pre-loaded conversation

This both opts-in your customers and educates them on your offering or brand. We recommend a template like the following:

Pre-filled customer message: “Hey 👋 I want to join the Clean Slate Beauty VIP club!"

SMS response: "Hey, (Team member) here 👋 welcome to C.S.B! We’ll be keeping you up to date with our upcoming product drop + offers. PS - as a welcome gift, use code (X) for free shipping when we launch. See you then 👀"


Communicate with your customer

Those customers that click your link and opt-in, can then message your brand freely and you can keep them updated ahead of your launch from the Blueprint dashboard.


Top tip 💡

Share details of your product development or design stages ahead of launch with your VIP audience to engage, involve them, and build awareness!


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