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Frank Body🧴Jess Hatzis on building a global eCommerce-first skincare brand from scratch

Jess Hatzis

Founder & CMO at Frank Body

Harvey Hodd

Host & CEO of Blueprint

This episode of the Blueprint Work In Progress Podcast was recorded at our Transform Commerce 2020 event.

We sat down with Jess Hatzis from Frank Body, who explains how the company used Instagram [5:15] to launch a global coffee-based skincare brand from a DTC foundation [6:37]. Jess shares her experience of founding a business whilst still holding down a full-time job and the $20 million sales explosion in the first 18 months followed [11:10]

We take a look at how Frank Body diversified its acquisition and marketing strategies in response to changes in the use of social media, and explore their approach to retention after initial success [18:55]. Jess also reveals the toughest challenge she’s faced as a female founder and the one thing she wishes she’d known before going into business [28:25].