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Hubble 👓: Jesse Horwitz on raising $74m in Venture Capital and scaling with paid media

Jesse Horwitz

Host: Harvey Hodd

This episode of the Blueprint Work In Progress Podcast was recorded at our Transform Commerce 2020 event.

Today we talk to Jesse Horowitz to discuss how he built the eCommerce business and Instagram sensation Hubble Contacts. Jesse offers valuable insights on the use of paid social in DTC [1:10]

He then reveals the biggest challenge he faced building Hubble [9:00] and tells us what he wishes he knew when he started the business [10:52]. We also tackled how to effectively use marketing agencies for DTC and discuss inventory financing [12:33].

Note: Due to technical issues the first part of this episode wasn't recorded and we were only able to recover the second part which is why the episode starts right in the middle of an answer.

See full transcript  📝

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