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Reel 🧻: Derin Oyekan on adapting to the surge in demand for DTC toilet paper

Derin Oyekan

Host: Harvey Hodd

Derin shares what drove him to choose the toilet paper industry as an area ripe for disruption, and how Reel's social mission is at the centre of the business. [1:33]. Toilet paper was a sought-after resource as the global COVID-19 pandemic started, with Reel having to adapt to the increase of demand and create processes to handle current customers [04:00].We then look into how consumers' behaviour has shifted when purchasing products in retail, and how this is affecting eCom adoption [08:00].

Derin then digs into his current strategy to acquire and keep customers [10:00], and explains his obsession with putting the customer at the centre of the experience and ensuring every touchpoint is accounted for [17:00]. Derin offers advice on how Reel think about the customer experience and making customers happy even if they're not fans of your product to continually drive a positive word of mouth exposure [28:00].

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