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Twice toothpaste 🦷: Cody Levine on defining a brand's purpose in a market controlled by incumbents

Cody Levine

Host: Harvey Hodd

Today's episode features Cody Levine, co-founders of Twice toothpaste. Cody shares with us how he was inspired by his dentist dad's work and his mission to bring dental care to underserved communities [2:35]. How his family passion turned into his purpose which led to the creation of Twice [6:35] 

Cody then digs into the real problem they're trying to solve at Twice, getting people to brush their teeth more often [8:58] This directly links to Twice having two toothpaste and is at the same time a way to differentiate themselves from the competition [11:00] DTC has been great to create that feedback loop but Twice is now looking at creating an omnichannel strategy [12:31]. Cody tells us about their experience with their first retail partner MALIN + GOETZ [13:59].

We finally wrap up the podcast with how he sees the future of Twice and what strategy they have in place for retention [21:25]

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