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Ugly Drinks 💦 : Hugh Thomas on building an eCommerce business across two continents

Hugh Thomas

Host: Harvey Hodd

Hugh tells the story about how he started Ugly with his co-founder Joe after working together as some of the first employees of Vita Coco in the UK [2:57]. As Ugly gained more popularity in the UK, they decided to expand their business to the US in 2018 and target a much broader audience which inevitably came with challenges [15:00].

Hugh highlights how important the test and learn mentality has been for Ugly and how they've been able to leverage being in two different markets at the same time [16:45].

We speak about the retail challenge that COVID-19 has poised for Ugly, and how they've been able to overcome some of these tests from the strong foundations they've built online [30:00]. We end the podcast with Hugh giving us his take on how the global pandemic will impact the future of retail and eCom, and how Ugly are adjusting to that [32:00].

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